La Fee Absinth

La Fee Absinth

"After the first glass you see things the way you would like to have it. After the second glass you see things as they are. And at the very end you see things as they really are."
Oscar Wilde Absinthe

La Fée is working to give you the experience of fine quality absinthe from France and Switzerland. Distillation of finest quality herbs and spices with the support of the French absinthe museum.

What is Absinthe?
Absinthe is a strong spirit with distilled herbs. (Iridescent milky green / yellow mixed with water) 
In France, the drink was popular in the late 19th century - especially among artists and writers and at the peak of its popularity was banned.


La F?e Absinth Parisienne

La Fée Absinth Parisienne

Using 100% natural ingredients in collaboration with Marie-Claude-Delahaye, founder and curator oft he French Absinthe Museum.
Parisienne Absinthe is a traditional product with 9 herbs and spices. (grand+ petite wormwood, fennel, green anise, star anise, coriander seed)
Traditional strength: 68%, content of 0.70 lt

(Available in:.Parisienne 68% with spoon, Parisienne 68% + Giftbox, Miniatures.)


La F?e Absinth Parisienne

La Fée Absinth Blanche

Following the repeal oft he Frances absinthe in May 2011 La F?e presents the Absinthe Blanche. 
This is a classic herb spirit oft he 19th century with a distinct character more fennel and less anise with blue tint. 
Traditional strength: 53%, content of 0.70 lt

(Available in: Absinthe Blanche + Giftbox, miniatures)

La F?e Absinth Blanche und Parisienne- Auszeichnung


La F?e Absinth Bohemian

La Fée Absinth Bohemian

Bohemian is a modern absinthe the lower anise makes it perfect for cocktails. (green colored with electric blue trim)
A very aromatic drink with a lot of eucalyptus and mint.
Traditional strength : 70%, content of 0.70 lt

(Available in: Bohemian 0.70 lt and miniatures)

La F?e Absinth Bohemian - Auszeichnung


La F?e Absinth NV Verte

La Fée Absinth NV Verte

NV Verte is modern and perfect for the bar- and party scene. It tastes as cocktail with ice or without ice. It's an optimal energy drink.
Traditional strength: 38%, content of 0.70 lt

(Available in: NV Verte 0.70 lt / 0.50 lt)

La F?e Absinth NV Verte - Auszeichnung


La F?e Absinth XS

La Fée Absinth XS

The XS absinthe is using a high proportion of herbs, including grand vermouth. (Wine Alcohol base)
Each distillation is handcrafted in small quantities with high quality herbs and a higher level of vermouth.
Traditional strength: Absinthe XS Suisse 53 %, Absinthe XS Fran?aise 68 %, content of 0.70 lt.

(Available in: 0.70 lt)

The Wild Geese Golden Rum - Auszeichnung


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