Private Distillery Gebhard Hämmerle

Privatbrennerei Gebhard H?mmerle

Gebhard H?mmerle Distillerie


The private distillery Gebhard H?MMERLE was founded by Gebhard H?mmerle? in 1885 as a guesthouse with included cidery and distillery under the name "Zum Freihof". In 1952 Gebhard H?mmerle made it to one of the most prestigious distilleries in Austria. Ever since the best fruits are used for a limited series of noble brandies under the name "Vom ganz Guten"

Today, 50 years after the first Vintage released, Freihof presents the most successful noble brandies in an excellent decor that fit the highest quality requirements.


At the moment we offer the following brandies:

H?mmerle Edelbr?nde

Hämmerle Williamsbirnenbrand - williams pears 40.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Subirer Birnenbrand - wild growing pears 42.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Gravensteiner Apfelbrand - Gravenstein apples 42.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Marillenbrand - apricots 40.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Kirschenbrand - cherries 40.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Kriecherl Pflaumenbrand - wild growin plums 42.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Himbeer - raspberries 40.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Vogelbeerbrand - rowanberries 45.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Holunderbrand - elderberries 42.0% 0.50 lt
Hämmerle Enzianbrand Reserve 45.0% 0.50 lt


2011: Diamond Award for the private distillery Gebhard H?mmerle at the FALSTAFF tasting 2001, 5th place in the ranking of the Falstaff top 12 distilleries (91 from 100 possible points)

  • "Herzstück" Wilder Steinkirsch (94 points)
  • "Herzstück" Mispel (93 points)
  • "Vom ganz Guten" Marille (90 points)
  • "Herzstück" Quitte (90 points)
  • "Vom ganz Guten" Williams (90 points)

2010: Nobel brandy tasting of the "Fallstaff Weinguide 2010" 
The following noble brandies got the highest award with a star

  • Herzstück Himbeer
  • Herzstück Quitte
  • Herzstück Mispel
  • Private Reserve und
  • Hämmerle "Vom ganz Guten" Speierling

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