Maison Leblon

Maison Leblon

The Maison Leblon can be found in Patos de Minas in the heart of the fertile region Minas Gerais in Brazil.
In the Brazilian finest distillery, the traditional rudiments are connected with the techniques of the European viniculture. Gilles Merlet the most famous distiller of cognac is responsible for that. With his french touch; he brought the Cachaca to another level.

Cacha?a Leblon



Using techniques from his home country, Gilles watches over every detail of the creation. This includes the selection of the sugar cane by hands to the distillation into XO cognac barrels.

Available in:

Bottle sizes 100 cl, 70 cl, 20 cl

This special touch, the tender fruity nose with an ultra smooth surface, the soft taste, the complexity, the body and the aroma of the product are responsible that the Leblon Cachaca in 2012 won a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 7 times in a row.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013


Leblon Reserva Especial

Leblon Reserva Especial
This special distillate is aged up to two years in the highest grade new Limousin French Oak and expertly blended by Distiller Gilles Merlet. Single batch distilled in alambique potstills, the result is a complex smooth spirit with notes of honey, caramel and pine nuts.

Available in:

Bottle sizes 50 cl

Even the Leblon Reserva Especial has been awarded twice in a row at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition with gold medal!

Leblon Reserva Especia - San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Cedilla da Acai by LeblonCedilla is a premium quality liqueur, expertly mixed with handpicked acai berries from the Amazon.

Rating: rich, fruity taste with savory chocolate, Spice and berry notes. Cocktail over ice, with soda.

Available: 0.75 ltr.(25%)

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