Old St Andrews Spirits

Old St. Andrews Whisky

Old St. Andrews specializes also in the production of vodka and gin. These nobles spirits are produced in the east of London Dartmouth. The spirits are characterized by the noble taste and also a chic design.

Blue 42 Vodka
Blue 42 Vodka

Blue 42 Vodka AuszeichnungThis noble vodka is produced from 100% English wheat and has a particularly high degree of purity and made only with the best ingredients. Blue 42 has a clear and mild flavor with almost silky finish. 
The bottle is presented in a diamond shape - like a crystal - quite fitting for such a fine spirit. 

Bottle Size: 0.70 l (42% / Vol)

Pink 47 London Dry GinPink 47 London Dry Gin
The 47 Pink Dry Gin has been honored with 18 awards. The manufacturer wanted a unique flavor - so he went all the way across the world: combined with West African nutmeg Italian juniper berries with Spanish almonds. 
The result can be quite impressive. This is a versatile gin, which you can use for the mix of various drinks. 
The decorative bottle impresses with the beautiful diamond shape. 

Bottle Size: 0.70 l (47% / Vol)

Pink 47 London Dry Gin - Auszeichnung

London 40 London Dry Gin
London 40 London Dry Gin

This 40 London Dry Gin (92 points) is a blend of 10 botanicals and distilled four times. 
A unique taste with flavors of raisins, dried citrus, juniper berries, herbs and pepper. 
A refreshing gin for every occasion. 

Bottle Size: 0.70 ltr and ltr 1:00 (40% / Vol)

Pink 47 London Dry Gin - Auszeichnung

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