Wild Geese Spirits


he Wild Geese Premium Rum

Untamed Irish Vodka

This vodka is distilled to provide the best purity. The ingredients are all from the great outdoors cereal, apple, Irish water.

bottle Size: 0.70 ltr (40%/Vol)

he Wild Geese Premium Rum

The Exiles Irish Gin

Sensual Gin remarkable for every connoisseur. Each sip is a pure delight. 
Flowers with a hint of citrus, clover, rowan berries, honeysuckle flowers and red clover invite you to the palace of your dreams.

bottle Size: 0.70 ltr (41.3%/Vol)

Irish Honey Liqueur

Irish Honey Liqueur

The ingredients are strictly secret and special. This unique honey liqueur is collected from bee nectar of Wild-flowers. This honey liqueur is only available in very limited quantities.

Bottle Size: 0.70 l (35%/Vol.)


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