Hits & Rarities


Ardbeg SupernovaArdbeg Supernova 2009 Stellar Release

58.9 %, 0.70 ltr

Voted as Scotch Whisky of the Year 2010. One of the best heavily peated whisky available today. Already sold out in minutes after it's release in 2009. Only a few bottles left.

Its flavor is creamy salted lemon and ashes. There are also notes of pepper, caramel, pine needles and vanilla.

A very pleasant peat fire on the tongue. Sweet and smoky - every sip brings new flavors. Only a few bottles available.

Bruichladdich Octomore 10 yoBruichladdich Octomore 10 yo

50 %

Voted in 2010 as best Single Malt by Jim Murray. Produced to only 6'000 bottles. Bottled 50% vol. At 80,5 ppm this edition brings this cult whisky to a new level.

The palate is completely taken by surprise. The creamy flavours, in combination with lime, sweet peat and also tropic fruits.

With water you taste the butyric notes with some smoke again. A perfect peated Single Malt!

Courvosier "L‘Esprit de Cognac"Courvosier "L‘Esprit de Cognac"

42.00 %, 0.70 ltr

Courvoisier one of the 4 leading cognac houses in the world.
Assembled using the oldest and finest eaux-de-vie - with vintages as far back as 1802 rumoured to be in the assemblage - L'Esprit de Courvoisier is one of the most exclusive and prestigious cognacs ever produced.
Smooth & full-bodied flavor with delicate flavors of old port wine, sweet durft apricot and smoke from coffee beans and Havana cigars.

The handmade Lalique crystal decanter is a work of art.

Christmas Cognac DE LUZE No?l XoDE LUZE Christmas Cognac "Noël Xo"

40.00 %, 0.50 ltr

full-bodied, soft and well balanced. taste: driedfruit, nuts, chocolate, plums, vanilla, figs, toffee and smell of oak.


De Luze Extra Single Barrel FinishDe Luze Extra Single Barrel Finish

40.00%, 0.70 ltr

very complex, narcissus, jasmine, passionsfruit, dried fig, pineapple, apricots, saffron, nutmeg, tobacco tasting age: more than 50 years limited series of 500 bottles


De Luze GenerationsDe Luze Generations

42.00 %, 0.70 ltr

Candied citrus fruits, hazelnuts, cigar boxes. Compley profile and stewed fruits.
Limited Edition, presented in a uniqe oak casket made in Domain Boinaud
Tasting age : 80 Years


Havanna Club MaximoHavanna Club Maximo

42.0 %, 0.75 ltr

This is the highlight from Havana Club a creation of Don Jose Navarro and Primer Maestro Ronero. Only 100 bottles are filled annually. Cuban Rum in its perfect form. Very exclusive gift box, a hand-blown bottle and a certificate making this a "one of kind" product.

Its powerful taste with notes of precious wood, vanilla, chocolate, fresh pears and coconut impresses in any form.
An elegant crystal decanter, allowing its vibrant amber glow to shine through. The graceful lines of the decanter are inspired by the traditional decorative arts of Havana (the work of Paul Miller) well known for their elegance. Each decanter are hand-blown, numbered and hand signed.

The exclusive packaging in a massive wooden box round off this product.

Highland Park LokiHighland Park Loki

49 %, 0.70 ltr

Part 2 of the already legendary Valhalla series of Highland Park. A 15-year-old whisky (from 2013) presented in a dragon boat wooden stand. Limited edition with only 21'000 bottles worldwide.

Fiery, spicy and powerful. Gingerbread, blackberries, peach, mango and vanilla flavor.


Highland Queen MajestyHighland Queen Majesty 40 Jahre

40 Jahre, 51.9 %, 0.70 ltr

Limited edition from Highland Queen. An exclusive gift packaging and an elegant bottle with gold stopper are making this product unique.

Long & fruity

Ripe fruits, anise, licorice, milk chocolate, toffee syrup and a hint of lime – a nice sip of liquid.


Ilse of Jura VintageIlse of Jura Vintage 1977

46 %, 0.70 ltr

This Single Malt is also called JUAR (which is gaelic for yew). It is matured for 34 years in bourbon casks before it was finished for one year in red port wine cask. Limited Edition with 498 bottles and presented in a hand-carved gift box.

Rich & complex
The taste: peach, apple, citrus and also tropical, floral notes.
A wafer- oak and sweet pastries in the palate, which merge direct in salty walnuts and nutmeg .

Imperial Collection vodka FabergImperial Collection vodka Faberg

40 %, 0.70 ltr

Production of eggs, as well as glasses of Venice glass with exquisite gilt requires special skills and experience. The surface of the egg is covered with coloured enamel simu-lating the natural process minerals. Enamel protects the surface and gives the product a perfect elegance.

The worked in relief, gilding is one of the most difficult stages - performed by one of the oldest specialized companies in Florence. All the decorative details are covered with 24 carat gold.
The type of grain from Saratovskaja (southern Russia) promises a unique taste experience. 3-way filter process: 1. Charcoal birch, 2. Silver Filter, 3. membrane filter.
Limited Edition

jOHN jAMESON 2007 Rarest VintagejOHN jAMESON 2007 Rarest Vintage

46 %, 0.70 ltr

This Irish blend belongs to the upper league of Irish whiskey. All 4 Master Distillers from John Jameson took the best barrels from Midleton-Distellery and created a special limited edition whiskey. A mixture of grains and pot still whiskey. Multiple awards winner and named as the best Irish whiskey.

Full-bodied & fruity
Surprising sweetness with custard, dark chocolate and oak.

Ledaig 42 JahreLedaig 42 Jahre

46.7 %, 0.70 ltr

This is a whisky, which also has its own website:
Ledaig42.com. It is also called Dusgadh (which is gaelic for the awakening). This is the oldest and the most exclusive whisky ever made by Ledaig and produced with only 500 bottles.
Complex & alive
Peat in the foreground, honey, nuts, currants, plums and chocolate cake - gorgeous taste!


Suntory Yamazaki Bourbon 2013Suntory Yamazaki Bourbon 2013

48 %, 0.70 ltr

Part of the final series of the Cask Collection from Suntory Yamazaki. Aged in 180 liters ex-bourbon barrels. Awarded with the ISC Gold Medal.

Smooth & sweet
The white oak lends an elegant aroma, the hint of vanilla its sweetness.



Suntory Yamazaki Puncheon 2013Suntory Yamazaki Puncheon 2013

48 %, 0.70 ltr

Also from the final part of the legendary 2013 series of Yamazaki. Stored in 480 liters "Puncheon" -barells and limited to approximately 3‘000 bottles.
Bigger barrels mean less wood contact and give this Yamazaki more subtle notes.

Rich & sweet


Stolichnaya Elit Himalaya EditionStolichnaya Elit Himalaya Edition

40 %, 1.00 ltr

Winter wheat, clear water from the Himalayas. Unmatched quality of water obtained from a shaped by ice and stone reservoir. Vodka of the highest pureness is the result! The hand-blown bottle with a beautiful gold closure. The chest handmade from Indian rosewood.
4 consecutive platinum "worlds best tasting vodka" with a record score of 97.

Limited Edition

Talisker 27 Jahre Vintage 1985, Edition 2013Talisker 27 Jahre Vintage 1985, Edition 2013

56.1 %, 0.70 ltr

Part of the Diageo Special Releases 2013. A limited edition with only 3'000 bottles. 27 years matured in bourbon casks.

Proudly – intensiv, compley and sweet

Apple, oranges with a little bit tropic taste, then follow salty notes with woodsmoke.


thomas H Handy Sazarac bottled 2011thomas H Handy Sazarac bottled 2011

64.3 %, 0.75 ltr

A real milestone Whiskey in the Rye Whiskey segment produced by Buffalo Trace. A multi-award winning bottling especially named „World Whisky of the Year“in Jim Murray's Whisky Bible-2013.
Intensiv, spicy & full-bodied

Cinnamon and apple pie with warm vanilla. Oranges, nutmeg, cinnamon. A complex whirlwind with best finish.


ZacapaZacapa Centenario 30 Aniversario

40 %, 70cl

Limited edition in honor of the 30th anniversary of the distillery. A rum from days gone at an incredible price.
One of the best rums in the world.
The maturation took place at an altitude of 2300 meters, barrels made ​​of white oak, already camped in the Sherry and Bourbon.

Fruits and spices: a hint of herbs and wood - give rise to a unique quality.