Black Moth

Black Moth - Truffle Vodka

Black Moth is the most impressive result of the Vodka enthusiast Paul Amin. After several years travelling around the world and gathering a variety of influences of different cultures and spirits, Amin decided to develop his own concept of an ultimate luxury Vodka. A vodka made with traditional handwork, elegance and finesse. He found out that truffle, the ultimate culinary delicacy, would be the perfect addition to Vodka. He spent a lot of hours experimenting, combining and tasting until he got the "Black Moth".

Black Moth VodkaAvailable in bottle sizes: 70 cl


The Spirit
In contrast to other Vodka, the Black moth is distillated 5 times and filtered 3 times. That's why it's clearly softer with a fine aroma.

Made from grain the Black Moth has a warm and soft taste and the aroma is perfectly supplemented with the black Périgord-Truffle.


Truffles are worldwide the most valuably culinary delicacy. The cultivation of these belowgroud treasuries is a difficult and time-consuming process. It demands love for details and sympathy for the nature.

The Périgord-truffle was named after the Périgord of France as "The Black Diamond" of the truffle family. The Périgord-truffle truffle prospers in the late autumn and winter and is traditionally found by trained dogs. After they are taken from the earth they are included to the Vodka. The Périgord-truffle is famous for its rich and earthy aroma and the distinctive taste and gives the inimitable taste of the Black Moth.

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