Elztalbrennerei Obstbrände & Liköre

Elztalbrennerei Obstbr?nde & Lik?re

A centuries-old tradition in the Schwarzwald region in Germany produces high quality liqueurs and spirits from aromatic and ripe fruit. This distillery has been around since 1924 and the connoisseurs appreciate the quality.

Br?nde (Kirsch, Reine Claude, Williams-Birne)
The fine aroma of handpicked orchards, fully ripe fruits and organically grown invite you for a glass of pleasure. 

Available in: 0,50 liter bottles (40% Vol)

Bio Br?nde (Kirsch, Reine Claude, Williams-Birne)

Edelbr?nde (alte Aprikose, Kirsch, Obstwasser, Schlehenheist, Zwetschenwasser, Himbeergeist, Kirschwasser, Weinhefebrand)
Strong, Elegant and gentle with love for the work.

Available in:
0,70 liter bottles (40% Vol.) - apricot, cherry, Schlehengeist, plum brandy 
0.50 ltr bottles (51% Vol) - Fruit Water 
0.70 ltr bottle (45% Vol) - EXCLUSIVE raspberry liqueur, cherry, Weinhefebrand, plum brandy


Elztalbrennerei AuszeichnungSchwarzwaldteufel Kräuterlikör
Hearty, devilish makes this mysterious liqueur with 40 selected herbs.
The recipe is 200 years old and is one of the secret of this manufacturer.

Available in: 0.70 liters (38%/Vol.)

Schwarzwaldteufel Kr?uterlik?r

for further information, please contact us, or visit the homepage: www.elztalbrennerei.de